A Premier Teaching Course Experience

cutting edge information on how to make a difference with education and teaching

Presented by faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine and The University of Maryland School of Medicine

The Course

The course is open to emergency physicians and other acute care providers, critical care physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and all other health care professionals looking to make a difference in medical education.
There will be 2 courses in 2014: April 28-May 2 and Oct 20-24 Both in Baltimore, Maryland.

The International Teaching Course is a medical education and teaching extravaganza. You thought the 2012 and 2013 courses were huge? Just wait until you see what we have planned for 2014.... Check back for updates on this site and keep up with the course progress on www.iTeachEM.net.

You are in for a treat, because the faculty for the international teaching course are enthusiastic, energetic, and well-known educators in emergency medicine and critical care medicine. In addition to Amal Mattu, Rob Rogers, Terry Mulligan, Haney Mallemat, and many others, we will have four  very special guest speakers this year, Matt Dawson, Stacey Poznanski, Joe Lex, and Chris Nickson. The 2012 and 2013 courses were a great success, and we have lots of new and exciting stuff to add to the 2014 course.


Unique Aspects of the Course

• Hands-on social media/med education labs where attendees will learn to set up and use Twitter. Advanced social media users will be given information on how to take it to the next level!
• LiveStream broadcasting of select presentations
• A 2-hour workshop on "resuscitating your Power Point slides”
• Enhanced sessions on making your own podcast and digital media and how to get them out to the world!
• Awesome guest speakers
• Procedure, simulation, and ultrasound labs (teach the teacher)
• How to teach ultrasound (2013)
• Shorter days to allow for more time to enjoy Baltimore, the greatest city on Earth!
• More interactive sessions
• "Flip the course" model of teaching-some of the 2012 and 2013 lectures will be delivered to course attendees before the course, so more interaction can take place during the live course. Paid registrants will receive a "flip the course" learning packet prior to the course.
• Tons of networking opportunities with course teaching faculty and with other attendees
• Group dinners (even more than 2013)
• Mentoring from emergency medicine faculty who are dedicated to the cause and who are invested in helping you achieve success in your career
• Daily "liver rounds"

What's new for 2014? The Course That Refuses to Become Stagnant

More sessions on educational technology

This cutting-edge medical education and faculty development course relies heavily on the integration of social media (like Twitter) and education technology. Live Twitter feeds will be utilized during the course and will be organized under the hashtags:

#ITCapr14 for the April course
#ITCoct14 for the October course

Improved “flip the course” model

Based on the "flip the classroom" concept discussed in Salman Khan's book, The One World School House, the directors of The Teaching Course have designed a unique experience for course attendees. Although there will be plenty of live didactics, small group discussions, and hands on experiences for attendees, some of the course has been designed with a "flip the course" model in mind. What this means is that folks who register for the course will receive educational materials, videos, etc. prior to the course. The live course will then be able to decrease the amount of "lecture" time and add much more valuable discussion, brainstorming, and networking time.

We are still working out the details for the 2014 course, but rest assured that if you register and pay for the course you will receive "pre-course" learning materials and video. The magic starts before you even arrive in Maryland!

Rob Rogers

Course Director

University of Maryland

AAEM Young Educator of the Year Award
ACEP Teaching Faculty Award
EMRA Excellence in Teaching Award
Developed EMRAP-Educators Edition

Haney Mallemat

Assistant Course Director

University of Maryland

Univ of Maryland EM Outstanding Teacher Award 2012 and 2013

Terry Mulligan

Assistant Course Director

University of Maryland

past-chair of the ACEP Section for IEM
co-editor of The African Journal of EM
executive editor of Emergency Physicians International

Mike Bond

Assistant Course Director

University of Maryland

Author of SOAP for Emergency Medicine
Future Academician Award
AAEM’s 2011 Open Microphone Award

Salim Rezaie

Asst. Course Director & Social Media Liaison

University of TX Health Science Center


Amal Mattu

Course Faculty and Consultant

University of Maryland


Stacey Poznanski

Guest Speaker

Wright State University

EM Momentum Award 2013
CORD Best of the Best Milestones Innovations Lightning Oral Didactic
SAEM Clerkship Directors in EM Best of CORD Oral Didactic 2013

Matt Dawson

Guest Speaker

University of Kentucky

UKEM Instructor of the Year
CORD Innovations in Med Ed Award
ACEP Award for Contribution to EMUS @ultrasoundpod

Chris Nickson

Guest Speaker

Melbourne, AUS

Co-Runs Lifeinthefastlane.com
RAGE Podcast
Editorial board of EM Critical Care

Mike Stone

Guest Speaker

Brigham & Women's

Past ACEP Ultrasound Section Chair
CORD National Faculty Teaching Award
SAEM Ultrasound Acheivement Award @bedsidesono

Joe Lex

Guest Speaker

Temple University


Eoin Kelleher

Course Cartoonist

Royal College of Surgeons

Regular contributor to The Phoenix and Irish Medical News
Drawn cartoons for the British Medical Association and Irish Gerontological Society, among others


$2500 for faculty/attendings (out of training)

$1250 for residents/registrars/fellows/in-training

Group discounts available (contact Rob Rogers)