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The Course

The Teaching Course is a medical education, social media, and digital media extravaganza that will quite simply blow your mind! Just wait until you see what we have planned for 2015....Check back for updates on this site and keep up with the course progress on iTeachEM.net.

The course is open to all health care professionals (physicians, nurses, physician assistants, paramedics, etc) looking to make a difference in medical education. The overall aim of the course is to give attendees the tools necessary to change the world of medical education. If you are looking for a course filled with hour long Power Point presentations with lots of bullet points, you have come to the wrong place. In fact we have a strict "no bullet point" policy.

The Faculty

You are in for a treat, because the faculty for the teaching course are enthusiastic, energetic, and well-known educators in emergency medicine and critical care medicine. They are all dynamic teachers who truly care about the course and the experience attendees have. Scroll down to the About section to see the amazing lineup. The 2012, 2013, and 2014 courses were a great success, and we have lots of new and exciting stuff to add to the 2015 course.

The Legacy Program

Once you attend the course you belong to "THE TEACHING COURSE FAMILY." You can come back to the course anytime and help us teach it! Please email us for details about this unique program.

Why this course is awesome

We're featuring amazing hands-on social media/med education labs, LiveStream broadcasting, A "Resuscitating your Power Point slides” workshop, A 2-hour workshop on Flipping the Classroon, Enhanced sessions on making your own podcast, and Awesome guest speakers. There will also be Enhanced simulation in med ed lab and Paid registrants will receive a "flip the course" learning packet prior to the course. Tons of networking opportunities with course teaching faculty and with other attendees, Group dinners and social events, Mentoring from emergency medicine faculty, And MUCH MUCH MORE!

Select content from the course is broadcasted live to The Teaching Institute Livestream site--for free.

For 2015, The Teaching Course will be held at the NYU Translational Research Building.

227 E 30th St
New York, NY 10016
Located near historic Bellevue Hospital

Here is a list of recommended hotels:

Hotel Deauville (3.5 stars)
29th Street between Park and Lex

Roger New York (4 stars)
131 Madison Ave (between 31st and 32nd)
$167 – 200/night

Hotel Giraffe
365 Park Ave S (corner of 26th)


One Day Registration

The Learning Choreographer Academy

  • The Learning Choreographer Academy is coming!
    The Learning Choreographer Academy is a select group of educators who will receive year long mentoring on medical education and one on one guidance on course content and career development. In a sense, it's a career development academy for medical educators. More on this very soon.
  • Level 1 + The Learning Choreographer Academy :


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  • Level 2 + The Learning Choreographer Academy :


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Our Team

These folks make it happen.


Haney Mallemat

Mike Cadogan

Course Consultant

Chris Nickson

Stacey Poznanski

Terry Mulligan

Matt Dawson

Mike Stone

Victoria Brazil

Mike Bond

Rob Cooney

Will Sanderson

Jesse Spurr

George Willis

Brent Thoma

2015 Guest Speakers

Scott Weingart

Simon Carley

Natalie May

Ken Milne


European Society for Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey

International Federation for Emergency Medicine

Swedish Society for Emergency Medicine

Sociedad Chilena De Medicina De Urgencia

Social Media and Critical Care

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